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Just finished watching You’re Beautiful episodes 9-10 and I will say that so far, eps. 9&10 are the best episodes, more like episode 10 is the best episode for me.

woot. just a short spazz about YB. All the while I thought my YB fever deserted me, but how wrong I was xD

The last few minutes of episode 10’s the bomb. Too bad I haven’t dl-ed the latest episodes yet so I can’t offer screen caps.

Don’t you just love how Tae Kyung shouted about him not seeing Mi Nam when it’s dark (I kinda hyperventilated at this part) and how ShinWoo hugged MiNam and said “she’s my girl”. Plus my heart almost went crazy seeing how helpless Tae Kyung was when he brought MiNam to the hospital.

I’m not making any sense but somehow I just have to let my feelings out or I’ll die. HAHA

p.s. I almost ‘lost interest’ watching episodes 7&8 but I’m really glad about 9&10 (the part about TK & MN’s parents bored me, lmao)