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I’ve been dying to post something about this drama xD This will be long :))

a.n. jell

You’re Beautiful tells the story about the behind the scenes life of an idol group (A.N. Jell). It revolves around Min Yu/Jemma (Park Shin Hye) who, at the beginning of the story has devoted herself in becoming a real nun.


However, when she was about to go to Italy, she was confronted by the manager of her twin brother. It appears that her brother is supposed to be a part of the idol group A.N. Jell but because of an operation that failed, her brother (Mi Nam) has to go overseas to fix the damage. The manager begged Min Yu/Jemma to temporarily replace her brother and join the group (in the process becoming a guy). Due to some unfortunate events, Jemma became MiNam and now she’s a member of the popular group A.N. Jell.

anjell groupanjell group (1)anjell group (2)

But things were not as easy as she/he seems. The group’s leader, Hwang Tae Kyung, doesn’t approve of her (well, at the beginning) and there was the fact that she has to act as a boy and actually live with boys.


Now, how will Mi Nam get through all of this? And to mention the fact that by the latest episode to date (Episode 6), almost half of the people (impt. ones) knows about her true identity?


vlcsnap-69156tae kyung

T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S

I’m officialy inlove with You’re Beautiful. This series is made of pure awesomeness ^^. I don’t know but it’s been a while that a series like this has made me so happy. Too bad it’s currenty airing and I have to wait a week to see the next episodes (and it’s killing me).

What’s great about it? Everything. It has all the things to make one addicted (well for me). However, the ratings were quite low, probably because it’s aimed for teens, and ahjummas in Korea don’t find the show fit for them. AWWW. (YB’s more popular to international fans, I presume)

Probably the biggest reason why I like YB is because it’s about an Idol Group. Being a fan of Korean Idol Groups, it somehow shows us fans, how their lives are (it maybe a bit exaggerated on the show but at least).

Plus, You’re Beautiful never fails to make me laugh. As in every episode will guarantee one with fits of laughter. It’s full of humor and of course there is also a romantic aspect to it (ayeeeeee).

Some says it reminds them of Coffee Prince, Hana Kimi and Boys over Flowers but I’ll say it’s better (YB, but it’s in the same league as Hana Kimi Japan).

On to the casts.


Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung. OH MY. I swear I’m regaining my feelings for him. To the extent that I’m watching Hong Gil Dong. He’s too charming, handsome, cute for his own good. He fits the role well. He fits Tae Kyung’s character so well. And I’m glad that he changed his hair after episode 4. He’s cuter with his new hair than before, brings out his eyes clearer.


Park Shin Hye as Go Mi Nam/Go MinYu. I remember her as the girl from stairway to heaven. I’m not a fan but after watching You’re Beautiful, I was so mesmerized by her character. And the tomboyish look suits her well. There’s no one fit to play Go Mi Nam than her 🙂 She can look innocent and lovely at the same time.

min-shimin-shi (1)min-shi (2)

Jung Yonghwa as Shinwoo. Here we have another JiHoo. The second leading man. Based from the comments I saw on viikii, a lot of girls really like him. Who wouldn’t (though I like Tae Kyung more xD)? I’m glad he’s always there to be of comfort to MiNam. 😉

je-mi (2)je-mije-mi (1)

Lee Hong Ki as Jeremy. I loved him best. He’s so funny and he reminds me of Nakatsu from Hana Kimi and I’m pretty sure that his character will develop the same as Nakatsu and that, I’m really looking forward to. ^^ It’s nice to see that Hong Ki has an acting potential and I’m sure he’ll improve more if he’ll be given more projects.

ueeuee (2)uee (1)

UEE as Yoo He Yi. Haha. All I can say is she’s effective as a villain. >:) Everybody hates her. And it’s amusing how people say that she’s ugly and that she looks fake. Much as I hate her character but I know that she’s important in the story, and I like how she can be an arse but also dumb (in some scenes). She’ll add more conflict in YB and I would like to see more of her, though yeah, it may bring pain to Mi Nam, but that’s how a drama goes.



It has to be TaeKyung and MiNam ’till the end. It’s supposed to be them 🙂 HAHA. I’m so happy that Geun Suk finally became the lead in a drama. ^^ I so love TaeKyung and MiNam moments, and I love how UEE gets in their way.


That ends my long thoughts on You’re Beautiful (’til episode 6 only). This will probably be my first and last seeing that I almost give my impression on the series over all xD.


I guess I can’t evade making rants for YB, so I’m going to post link(s) full of my ranting 😀

You’re Beautiful rant #1-

GUYS, I MADE TWO RINGTONES, it’s not that great, but I’d like to share it with you, it’s my current rt, lol ^_^

AS EVER – download

GO MI NAM (TK’s voice) – download

and please do comment if you find it good, haha.