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HaeundaeHaeundae tells the tale of how a destructive “mega tsunami” devastated the beaches of Haeundae in Busan. Deep in the core of this film lies the story of how people’s lives were, before and after the tsunami happened. (sorry, my summary s*ks, but basically this is a film about tsunami) For more info, go to wikipedia


I never get tired of stories dealing with natural calamities and how they bring havoc to people. Through watching films like these, it raises one’s awareness on how global warming (or environmental degradation) will cause us harm (mian, I do sound like an environmentalist).

I first heard of Haeundae (the beach) when I watched the boys of 2 Days and 1 Night going to that place (due to Seung Gi’s demand xD) and I was so surprised when I heard about a movie entitled “Haeundae”.

What can I say? I felt like I was watching a korean drama with an element of disaster. The first half of the film deals with the story of the lead and provides the audience with a background of the relationship among the characters which will play a big role towards the second half.

Though I can say that I knew how Haeundae will end but after watching it, I can’t stop my tears from flowing. Even if it was only a 2 hour film, the characters kinda grew on me, especially Hyeong Shik (Lee Min Ki), Dr. Kim (Kang Ye Won), the crazy uncle and the son of Man Shik. It’s ironic how I found myself laughing everytime I see Hyeong Shik and the crazy uncle. Plus Man Shik’s son is soo adorable especially when he cries :))

This may not be the best film for some, but it’s worth the watch. A lot of lessons can be learned and it has left my heart in pain seeing how some of the main characters died (wouldn’t give out names). But I think that’s necessary for the flow of the story. It’s nice how the story ended, though Haeundae’s a lost cause but still the people have hopes for a bright tomorrow, I especially like the scene with the two children by the beach ^_^. This movie’s pretty inspiring and timely if you ask me, given the calamities that rocked some parts of the world (including my country).