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This isn’t even a formal review >.<

B VThe thing is, I watched Beethoven Virus last summer and up ’til now I haven’t finished it. I think I was stuck on episode 5 or something?

And because it seems like I have no plans of finishing this series, I decided to share my thoughts on this drama.

Seeing that my memory always fails me, please forgive me for any inaccurate information I might say. haha.

The reason why I decided on B.V. is obviously because of Jang Geun Suk, I’ve been a fan ever since I watched Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do and I know you’ll agree with me on how charming Geun Suk is.

Another thing is I was expecting B.V. to be sort of the Korean version of Nodame Cantabile (not really the same, but oh well). However, of course their too different.

Should I say the reasons why I stopped watching B.V.?

Not that the story’s dull but I felt that after watching 5 whole episodes that it will get me nowhere, I felt that the story’s too stagnant, there seem to be no up’s or down’s with regards to the intensity of the scene (too stale?). And I thought that if I were to continue, I’ll just waste my time. OK, I’m sorry if ever someone’s offended on what I said but it’s what I felt.

I’m probably like this because B.V’s plot is similar to other dramas, maybe not on the music part but on the general plot of the story. Plus I never liked the lead actor, I’ve seen him on Bad Family but I wasn’t captivated by him and after reading episode summaries on the net, I decided to drop Beethoven Virus on my watch list. Geun Suk’s charm didn’t even worked on me this time.

If someone could enlighten me, please do so ^_^