I seldom watch Philippine soap operas, ewan ko ba, maybe it’s either because a. I don’t have the time; b. I’m living away from home or c. I do not watch TV at all, lol. :))

But a huge factor is maybe because I find…, I think I’d rather not mention that, lol, or else I’ll receive death threats, haha.

Let’s get to the whole Stairway to Heaven pinoy versoion thing. When it was announce before that Dingdong Dantes and Rhian Ramos were to be the lead, I was like “it won’t be good” as to why, haha, I opt not to tell you that plus I’m not a big big fan of Pinoy remakes, sorry to say but I really find them inferior *okay you can shoot daggers at me now*

However, last Friday while I was at our dorm’s lobby, I finally saw the teaser of Stairway to Heaven, and surprisingly, it has kept my whole attention, and after the whole thing was over, I can’t help but be amazed of how great the whole thing is. It has a similar air to the Korean one, and gosh, the children!! haha. Did you see the young cholo? He’s too damn cute, too bad he’s too young (mwahaha, I vowed never to have a crush on men/boys younger than me, hoho).

And so, yesternight (xD) STH has its pilot episode, my mom & I were patiently waiting for it, and you know what?

Unang scene pa lang, umiiyak na ‘ko (yun ay habang gumagawa ako ng report, lol). Grabe, haha, ambabaw talaga ng luha ko, ewan ko ba, pero kasi dun pa lang sa may scene ni Cholo sa may sea sobrang nakakaiyak na tapos samahan pa ba nang pagtugtog nung theme song? At it didn’t help na alam na natin yung story by heart kasi mas lalo lang siyang nakakaiyak. Ewan ko ba, tapos nung umiyak pa si Cholo T_T GAHD.

Tapos yung mga bata, aruy, nakakakilig, ang gwapo gwapo talaga ni Joshua, malayo ang mararating ng batang iyon. 😀

I really hope, maging impressive allthroughout the end ang Stairway To Heaven kasi it really is a great story. Bigla ko tuloy naalala ang Winter Sonata, ewan ko ba :))