I’m currently obsessed with Harry Potter. Yet again. I should have seen this coming after watching HP 6 two weeks ago.

I can still remember, Harry Potter’s the first book that started my passion in reading (before I only read Tagalog pocketbooks). I was in grade 6, I think? & I was in an editorial contest in Quezon Province (where we stayed for 4 days) when one of my classmates suggested for me to read Chamber of Secrets, I was like “that’s too thick” but since I was bored to death, I gave it a try, and soon got addicted 🙂

After reading Deathly Hallows (about 2 years ago?), my HP addiction stopped. So come watching Half Blood Prince & an FB survey about HP where in I can’t quite recall some facts, I decided to relive my HP knowledge (hoho).

So I reread Deathly Hallows last week, & was able to finish it in a day xD and yesterday I started on Prisoner of Azkaban (my favorite book) and has managed to finish it this afternoon.

Why am I writing this? As the title suggests, I’m missing Harry Potter, to be exact I’m missing Sirius Black. TT *sniffs*

The post below will only tell you my undying love for black, so if you’re not interested, you can quit reading. lol

I can’t quite remember how it started, I think it’s after reading PoA, but Sirius’ character kinda grew on me. I will not elaborate but yeah, Sirius Black is my favorite HP character, so you can just imagine my grief after reading OotP TT

& the Marauders’ era is my favorite scene/part in the book. If only J.K. Rowling will write a book about it, I’m sure it will be a hit, don’t you think? It’s even more interesting than Harry’s time (okay you can kill me now, shoot me some daggers), in short it’s just fascinating 😉 How the Marauders’ friendship develop & how the love between James & Lily developed (to satisfy my need, I read fanfics :DDDD)

I came across this pic (credit goes to the person who made this), and I find it beautiful (screw wormtail, he’s not worth the time, nyahahahha). James’ much cooler than Harry, Sirius’s much cooler than everyone (with a very biased tone) and Remus is well Remus xDD As i was searching pics, I learned that Sirius and Remus is supposed to be a canon couple, and I was like “hello?????!!” sometimes, I don’t get why people are happy seeing a boy being partnered with a boy, I’m not so fond of that.

here’s another pic I find amusing (again, don’t know who to credit), or rather the text, I came up with a lot of text about sirius, which I find funny. It goes something like, Sirius survived dementors, was under the constant eyes of the ministry, was in conflict with death eaters, and died because of a veil. I know there’s nothing really funny about it, but it’s ironic.

When I was a freshman in HS, I saw a classmate reading OotP, I ask her, who will die? She told me, she won’t spoil me, but I pester her to tell me, and then she told me it was Sirius. Can you imagine what I felt? and what my reaction was after reading that part???

Enough of my feelings TT I just realize the Marauders all died. & almost all the characters in that era are dead. The once happy & mischievous students in Hogwarts are dead. & SIRIUS is dead.

As a parting gift, I’ll share a fanart of sirius I found in a site: