“Once a fan, always a fan”

A post dedicated to Shinhwa.

Because for the last two months, I did nothing but download Shinhwa stuff, it is just natural to profess my love for them. LOL. Shinhwa‘s even the reason why I can’t watch any asian dramas properly, they’re distracting me much.

I’m picky when it comes to loving a group, and when I found one, I make sure I dedicate my entire attention & time to them, as in no other groups can come in between.

To date, I only love three Korean Groups. Super Junior – DBSK – Shinhwa. I have no time for other groups, though I can recognize them (others) by name but it stops there, unless I can see something great in a group they wouldn’t be dear to me.

Okay. You should not wonder who my favorite group is. Super Junior used to be my #1 (I still love them XD) but Shinhwa is, now, and ’til forever. πŸ™‚


Let’s get to know Shinhwa (for those who does not know them)

Shinhwa is a 6 member korean group boyband that debuted back in 1998. They’re the longest running kpop group and they celebrated their 11th year anniversary last March.

group (28)

The group is currently on hiatus T_T with two of its members serving their mandatory military service, and the rest of the members enlisting soon (except Hyesung).

Shinhwa used to be under SM Entertainment (company that produced SuJu, DBSK, etc.) but after their contract ended (2003?) they decided to leave the company and sign under Good Entertainment.

Shinhwa means legend in english, and their fanbase is called Shinhwa Changjo (Chango = create). Official FC color is orange.



Here’s my first ever shinhwa post in my blog (i’m basically repeating what I just said)

Will start from oldest to youngest w/ my thoughts about each member.

1. Eric – leader, rapper

5_eric* Eric’s my first love πŸ˜€ I love him in dramas and I like how he can switch from being serious to being funny. He in Phoenix was so romantic, and the Eric in Super Rookie was so funny.

First Impression as a Shinhwa member

* He’s serious and mysterious and quiet, but when he smiles it just melts my heart. Plus everyone seem too be envious of him, of his looks, etc. Eric’s so perfect and romantic I’m sure he can easily win any girls heart (and he’s still my favorite in my early Shinhwa fangirling days)

Impression after knowing Shinhwa well

* He may look serious but Eric’s an alien. LOL. He’s the type that looks cold on the outside but he is evil (wahaha). Being the oldest among the group, the other members naturally look up to him, and he use this to bully the other members. He is like the mastermind in some (or most) of Shinhwa‘s craziness, though it isn’t evident. He is hideous (but in a good way, I don’t know how to put this in english). But all I can say is despite being a 4D person, Eric’s a great leader. He literally saved Shinhwa back when SM sued them. He may not appear to care for his members, but he loves them (want to know more of Eric’s heroic act? then ask me, lol)

2. Minwoo – vocalist

5_minwoo* He is my favorite member now, and is my ultimate hubby. :)) Names that I call him: Minwoo, minbong, minbongie, minu, M

First Impression as a Shinhwa member

* He isn’t the noticeable kind, and I remember he used to be one of my least fave because of the Shinae thing (they used to date, and there was a rumor how M was the one who cause her suffering). I first saw him in Music Bank and that time I thought he was sexy and hot but it end there. And from rumors and clips I concluded that he is a flirt (I hate flirty men/player the most, lol)

Impression after knowing Shinhwa well:

* Minu has the charms that girls will fall for. He is charming in a naughty kind of way, he is full of craziness, he is hyper and has a good sense of humor. He dances well, sings well. Plus he is handsome and sexy and hot, but it isn’t the reason why I like him. I love his eyes best because it speaks for itself, and when he smiles, it just makes my heart beat. And with Minu you’ll never feel bored.

* Minu’s a very talented person, he cares so much about music. He has released solo albums. Plus he owns his own music company, he is a producer, composer, lyricist, arranger, choreographer, business man, fashion icon, actor, host, etc. This guy is plain brilliant. There is nothing you could not ask for. Though he has his flaws, but it’s natural. The only thing I dislike about him is how he’s always topless in most of his performance and how he flirts with women. People brand him as a player, but I beg to disagree, he may look and act like a player, but HE IS NOT. He’s just a flirt. It pains me when people say bad things about minbong. Aigoo, it’s better to ignore them XPPP

3. Dongwan – vocalist, mr. wit guy

5_dongwan* WANNIE! He’s my 2nd fav. because without wannie, there is no WooDong ^^

First Impression as a Shinhwa member

* I thought he is the least good looking among them, and I think he was at some point my least favorite member. To put in simple term, I don’t care much about him (sorry this was before). My roomate would tell me that “Dongwan’s a cutie” but I would just tell her “really? I can’t see what you’re talking about”

Impression after knowing Shinhwa well:

* whenever I see Dongwan, I can’t help but smile. And whenever I see him, he is always smiling so innocently and with the feeling of sincerity. I think that’s what attracted me to him he looks so cute and I know he has a great personality. Out of all the members, he has the greatest concern for his co-members. And I like his voice best. And he always makes me laugh, the thing is I love funny people so no wonder Wannie’s my 2nd favorite.

5_hyesung4. Hyesung – lead vocalist, mr. shy guy

First Impression as a Shinhwa member

* He’s also one of the members that I didn’t pay attention to at first, all I can think of is he has a great voice and looks the girliest out of them

Impression after knowing Shinhwa well:

* Hyesung’s the quiet type of guy and the members like to tease him a lot. Out of all the members I think my personality is the same as Hyesung’s, lol.

5_junjin5. JunJin – rapper, vocalist, sf image, dancing machine

First Impression as a Shinhwa member

* He’s the craziest one. And is always hyper.

Impression after knowing Shinhwa well:

* JunJin’s easily making it on my top faves list (he and Eric are tied in 3rd place). I dunno but aside from Dongwan, Jinnie has a good personality. He loves his dad so much and he cares for people around him. He’s also a source of my laughter, and though he looks serious on the outside but he’s hella funny plus he can dance so well.

5_andy6. Andy – maknae, rapper

First Impression as a Shinhwa member

* Cutey pie Andy

Impression after knowing Shinhwa well:

* The Andy in WGM and Andy in Shinhwa are two different person. LOL. I was so inlove with Andy during WGM because he is the perfect husband and there is nothing that he can’t do. After seeing him in Shinhwa, I can’t believe that he’s always bullied by his hyungs and that he always does the heart dance. And he always act cute. LOL

That sums up my thoughts on the members, halfway through (Sung-Jin-Dy), I got lazy, so my descriptions were short.

photo credits: welovesshinhwa!@soompi



Their friendship is amazing. They have lasted for 11 years (not counting the pre debut days) but still they’re friendship is as strong as ever.

They have encountered sufferings good enough for them to disband but they never lose hope, they fought it all together and survived it. That’s why we have them until now, until forever. They care so much for each other and they love Shinhwa, they love the fans.

group (23)

When the six of them are together it’s worst than having kindergarten’s around, Shinhwa’s the alienest of all aliens, the craziest of all. They are so true to themselves on/off cam, they aren’t afraid to show who they are. Seeing them is enough to make me happy for a lifetime.



I started researching about them mid Feb this year, and by mid March, I started liking them, and April, whoosh, I’m completely 110% inlove with Shinhwa, that makes me a 2 month old fan right?

* Ok, I think Shinhwa‘s the only group that made me cry just by hearing a single song.

* Makes me cry after watching an MV

* Makes me cry after seeing clips of their 10th anniversary concert

* makes me obsessed with the color orange

* makes me teary even if the song playing is “Throw my Fist”

* makes me laugh all day long

* is the only group that is enough to last me a lifetime (even without the material things around)

* makes me smile just thinking about them

* made me forget about my asian drama obsession

* made me love the number 6

Truth is, when I’m at home, my laptop’s usually open when I’m awake but because of Shinhwa, I can survive the day even without opening my laptop. I spend my time thinking about them, yes, only thinking about them and doing nothing. And patiently waiting for the next 3-4 years until they’re comeback. I do sound like a wife waiting for his husband’s return right? LOL

BUT I DO REALLY MISS THESE GUYS. By the time I knew of them, they were already on hiatus, and they have been in the business for 11 years, compare my 2 months of knowledge with their 11 years of experience?


I noticed a lot of people doesn’t seem to know them, or thinks of them as way too old, though I feel sad about it but still I’m happy that I’m a fan, and that a lot of people are still supporting and waiting for Shinhwa‘s comeback.

Shinhwa Changjo’s the best fanclub ever, because they are so dedicated to Shinhwa, because they’ve been there from the start and because they do not leave Shinhwa even if it would take years to see them together again and by that time Shinhwa can be ahjussi like, don’t ya think? I’m so proud that I am a fan of shinhwa, I think those who loves Shinhwa are what I can call loyal fans πŸ˜€

note: In korea, you’re only allowed to join one FanClub

Enough of my Shinhwa novel, wahahahahaha. I just love these boys/men to death, this is a different kind of feeling compared to when I like SuJu and DBSK. For those who are curious about them, I’ll be posting an entry on my recommendations of Shinhwa videos, songs, etc.