Year of Broadcast: 2006-2007

Episodes: 25

Genre: Occult Detective

P  L  O  T

Ghost HuntGhost Hunt follows the adventures of Kazuya Shibuya, the president of the Shibuya Psychic Research Center (SPR) and Mai Taniyama, a first year high school student. The story begins during an exchange of ghost stories between Mai and her friends, who are interrupted twice: first by a mysterious “male student” and then by a fellow classmate, who warns them of how their ghost stories attract spirits.

While out walking, Mai sees the building that all the ghost stories surround and decides to go in. As she is about to touch a camera she found in the middle of the room, a man stops her and ends up injuring himself. Mai is then forced to work as a stand-in assistant for the man, an employee of the “male student,” who was hired to study the “paranormal” events occurring at the school. Mai nicknames this “student” “Naru” for his narcissistic attitude. Naru owns a paranormal investigation company SPR and Mai eventually earns a part-time job at SPR after assisting with the first case. The more involved Mai becomes with Naru, the more she learns about herself and her feelings towards him.

Along with Shibuya’s assistant, Lin, the SPR also finds itself assisted by various spirit mediums and exorcists. (source: wikipedia)

T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S

I was a bit hesitant to watch Ghost Hunt, because I hate anything that is connected with the word “horror” (this may be an anime but still…) but since it has been months since I last saw one, I gave it a try.

What I can say is I like Ghost Hunt. I like how the story developed and also the “you-guess-what-should-happen-next’ kind of thing. It’s sort of a detective story but instead of murders (& the like) done by people, it’s ghost that they are after.

Watching this anime is like a breeze, how can I explain this? You see, there are a total of 25 episodes, but each file that the SPR solves runs for about 3-4 episodes, so after watching the whole thing, it will feel as if you watched the entire thing for a short time, and given that a file takes 3-4 epis. you can’t just stop randomly at some episodes. You just have to finish it – that kind of feeling.

Another thing I like is how the cases/files started from a minor one leading to something terrible (okay, i should be that way). And also I love the characters. (review ends here, sorry for the nonsense talking, lol)