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Year of Broadcast: 2008


bloody-mondayAfter a biological terrorist attack kills off the population of a Russian town; Japan’s Public Safety Special Third unit, code name THIRD-i, believes that the terrorist organization responsible plans to unleash the same virus known as Bloody X into Tokyo. Subsequently, THIRD-i recruits the help of genius hacker Takagi Fujimaru to find out what happened in the Russia. However, as Fujimaru becomes involved, he soon finds out that he is in over his head and that the terrorist groups influence reaches not only his school but even the police. Fujimaru must now rely on his skill as a hacker to unravel the organizations sinister plot and find out the truth behind “Bloody Monday.” (source: dramawiki)


As much as I’m a fan of dramas about love stories, I also like dramas filled with suspense and action (my father and brother probably influenced me).

Before I start with my thoughts, I would like to say that Bloody Monday surprised me beyond my imagination. It’s simply stunning.

When I first watched it, I haven’t thought much on what will happen, but come the first episode, my mouth was left hanging. The first 15 minutes of the first episode brought me tears, not tears of joy or sadness but tears of disbelief and bewilderment or more over tears of fear. I suddenly thought that what I was watching wasn’t a Japanese drama, I though I was watching a Hollywood movie, that’s how great an impact Bloody Monday had on me. I felt like I was bewitched. And after the first episode, I, again, had tears, but now it’s tears of sadness.

I started watching BM yesterday, and finished it yesterday. I somehow can’t stopped watching, the only time I stopped is when it’s meal time, because after each episode you’ll be yearning for more.

What’s great about Bloody Monday is its plot, I think this is the first Japanese Drama, or Asian Drama I’ve seen that deals with terrorism. It just felt so realistic and true, and it brings you the thought that ‘this may be actually happening but I’m not aware of, or I choose to ignore”, if I, who isn’t a Japanese felt these, how more would Japanese people felt after watching Bloody Monday? It’s sort of an eye opener. Kudos to the writer of this drama (or manga, it’s adapted from a manga right?), he’s brilliant.

Another thing I like are the twists and turns in the story. Also the catch to know who’s the traitor, etc. And how a computer prodigy became one of the instrument to stop terrorism. Great how this drama’s about terrorism and how it adapted to our generation where in computers are the trend.

The actors/actresses did superb. From the lead, Miura Haruma, up to the supporting casts, they all did well.

GYAAAA, I think I’m inlove with this series, lol. Review ends here. Hope you’ll give Bloody Monday a try ^^