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Year of Broadcast: 2007

2fomgfP L O T

23-year-old Gu-chang has never been kissed and his friends always make fun of him not having a “proper” experience. One day, he picks up a lost purse, which leads him to meet the owner of that purse, Ani. He falls in love with this lovely girl who is also a bit strange and wild. She seems to be a perfect girlfriend for Gu-chang only until he finds that Ani has multiple personality disorder due to a harsh memory of her ex-boyfriend’s death. Ani is just one of her alternative characters, and her real name is Yuri. (credits: my soju)

T H O U G  H T S

You don’t know how some old guy classmates of mine talk about this movie. In our recent high school mini reunion they told me of how good/great this movie is, then I became curious.

Thoughts after watching the movie: I think it’s okay, and forgive me for saying but my guy friends may be a bit overreacting, probably they were just smitten on how attractive Ryeo Won is, haha. Or rather I am disappointed that the lead guy isn’t that catchy, talk about guys vs girls stuff.

To continue (more serious), like I’ve said the movie’s fine and enjoyable. And it managed to bring me tears (towards the end), I also like the part where in they over exaggerated the scenes, it’s more funny, lol

I can’t think of anything to say, but if my friends enjoyed it and I, myself too, you should give it a try.