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Year of Broadcast: 2008



Based on the popular novel of the same name, Ryusei no Kizuna tells the story of three orphans, whose parents were murdered long ago. Together, the three vowed on a shooting star to one day avenge their parents.  (credits: mysoju)


I sort of have high expectations for this drama because Nino and Ryo are the leads and Erika’s here too (even if I don’t like her, haha) and after watching I think not all of my expectations were met, but I think it’s just me expecting more.

The story talks about the Ariake trio whose parents were murdered when they were still young, with that they vowed to find and kill the murderer. And so the limit for the statute of the case comes to a close (10+ years later), with that Kochi (Nino) believed that the police aren’t doing anything to solve the case and he takes matters (the investigations) into his own hands, with the help of his other two siblings.

And so Taisuke (Ryo) and Shi (Erika) became con artists (with Nino as the master planner). From this point on, I told myself “what’s the relevance of that in the plot”? Some of the plans were great to watch but the others didn’t appeal to me. Plus I can’t seem to find some connections at some part, and some parts were too shallow (i can’t find the exact word)?

The thing that made up for the flaws that I found was that I like the OP & ED thing, I also like how they incorporated the idea about the meteors and the stars, and also how they show the bond between the “Ariake Three”, and also there are some great lessons to be learned about life. But what struck me most was the twist at the end, I was not expecting that it will turn out that way, to think he’s become one of my favorite character (haha, no spoilers).

Overall the story’s okay. Though I was surprises at Ryo’s acting since I think it’s my first time seeing him acting like he did at RnK.