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I am on fire.



oh no. I think I am in serious fangirling trouble. I think I am inlove with LEE MINWOO.

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Sorry for the sudden outburst but if I keep this feeling any longer, I swear I’ll be a crazy girl by tomorrow. Mianhae Eric oppa, you are still my number 1 favorite Shinhwa member, but I can’t resist M anymore.

Gaaaahhhdddd. And silly as it maybe I think I really really really like him, to the extent that I even wrote my name above, I can’t help it ‘coz our names both start wit M.


So yeah, I read some fanfics @ soompi, the first one was Jaded and oh my goodness, minwoo is super loveable in that. Then I noticed that almost all the fanfics that I was looking to all has Minwoo as their lead, to make my suffering more severe he and Eric would always be involved in a love triangle. EVERYONE PLEASE DO ME A FAVOR, CAN YOU GIVE ME A LINK TO A GOOD FANFIC WITH M AS THE LEAD? I WOULD WANT TO READ A CLASSIC ONE, I mean a really good story, I was searching for one but I can’t seem to find it (other than soompi’s).

And because of this guy, I have attempted to write a fanfic. I dunno, I’m not good when it comes to writing creatively in english (i’m better in tagalog) but somehow I gave it a try, I’ll try to post it as soon as I’m done. See what love can do?


But, yes there’s a but, I am sort of confused because M’s not my usual kind of guy. First, he loves to show his body (gyaaa, I don’t like guys doing that), and I think he’s a player plus he has a girlfriend (assuming he and Amy are still dating). But who cares about his flaws? As if I’d meet him soon. Sorry, I’m being delusional *runs away from everybody*