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kisarazuFinally I am done with this *sigh of relief*

Year of Broadcast: 2002

Casts/Synopsis: Kisarazu Cat’s Eye

Episodes: 9


 As a ritual, before I post a review, I try to look on others thoughts on a series. Same for Kisarazu.

I don’t know but I think I want to confirm if I am the only person who felt, how can I put it, bored? AHHH. So I read somewhere that this series is supposed to be fun but it didn’t appeal to me. Sure this is full of craziness but almost all throughout watching it I am always looking forward to the end. My friend told me that the story sort of improved towards the end and i think it has, but still I felt something lacking.

The only thing that made me endure this is Sho. I was surprised when  I saw him in the first episode. But that’s all to it.

However, to think of Kisarazu’s good points, well first there is the humor in all the situations that the gang encountered. And the plot resembles Robinhood and the sort (sorry I’m not familiar w/ RH) where in they steal for the sake of giving it to others. Not to forget is the main lead (Bussan) who is suffering from cancer, I think it’s another reason that convinced me to stick till the end.

As for my favorite moment/scene I think it is when Ucchie’s family was introduced. It was so funny, a family full of English speaking people. lol

Sorry for my incoherent review above, it’s just that I can’t think straight, and I am not in the mood to elaborate more.