just a week more and I’ll be free to do whatever I like. Yiha. =D

so I do have two finals left (tomorrow and on wednesday) and I’ll be on my summer break, yatta.

And I think Give Me Some Dramas will be active for the months to come, sorry for not updating lately (if ever there are people who regularly checks my blog), or if ever I’m updating all I talk about is KPOP.

I promised that I’ll be posting reviews of dramas as soon as I finished watching it, truth is dramas are constantly piling in my player, ‘coz I can’t seem to finish watching a series, because everytime I reached the 5th episode or so, someone would recommend me a series or give me a copy of a series, and I’ll be watching that instead, or rather my interest is constantly shifting, like in a spur of a moment I’ll be looking for a drama even though I am already watching one, okay so enough with the talk, here are the dramas that I have yet to finished

Lovers – stuck on episode 7? I’m a loser ‘coz I wasn’t influenced to watch this when it aired in our country

Kisurazu Cats Eye – stuck on episode 3, I think I’m watching this just for the sake of finishing it, but since my friend told me that the story’s good towards the end I think I might endure the whole series

3 Dads, One mom – stuck at episode 4? Gash, I think it was 3 months ago that I was at ep. 4 and still I am not moving any further

Love at the Corner – stuck at episode 4? and I don’t think I’ll be able to finish this, don’t ask me why

Fated To Love You – STILL stuck at episode 19, I guess when you stopped watching something for like 5 months you’ll somehow lose interest? same thing happened with They Kiss Again.

Tiger and Dragon, Ryuzei no Kizuna – my friends gave me a copy and I would want to watch it badly, but I think I should finish the list up there

I’m Sorry, I Love You – haha, okay loser me still borrowed a copy of this even though I know that I can’t watch it sooner, saw some clips of it before and from the reviews I read I think it’s great

PHOENIX/Firebird/Bulsae – haha, I’m rewatching Phoenix again, and this is the one that I am currently watching, I think I will have a separate post for this after watching it whole because I REALLY REALLY REALLY to the nth power LOVE THIS DRAMA, or I would have a separate post for it even though I am not yet done with the drama. LOL

I’m just updating, sorry for the random post.