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OMG. Kill me. Shoot me. Whatever. Finally, they are back! I’m gonna cry my heart out. LOL

Basically I do not have the liberty to talk about SuJu’s 3rd album thingie, ‘coz I am not using my own computer while writing this and also because the finals week are coming (+ lot of researches) but okay, i’ll just flail for seconds. BTW, here is the teaser for the 3rd Jib

Major hotness. KYAAAA! and I love the song, the ‘pushcha pushcha or is it suppose to be push ya push ya?’, oh whatever they’re saying, but the teaser is pure win. ^^ Though my heenim’s hair is a no-no, but okay, a few more days before their album’s release.

I promise, I will be flailing when I have finished my report/research. nyahaha