I’m picky when it comes to choosing bands to love/fangirl, unless there would be something in them that will ignite my interest.

First it was Suju, then DBSK and now Shinhwa. =)


I tried to tell myself last year that I’ll start on knowing the group more, but it never happened, and now I am finally starting my shinhwa addiction.

Probably the first kpop artist that I seriously like without knowing that he is a singer/member of a band is Eric. I first saw him in the drama Firebird (like 3-4 years ago?) and I instantly became a fan, but not to the extent of researching his background, ‘coz during that time my internet access was so limited.

Then next was Andy, and yes it’s because of We Got Married. That time, I knew he’s from shinhwa but that did not urge me to know his band, ‘coz I am not really interested in kpop or music in general. However time does change. ^^ So before knowing shinhwa, I am Eric and Andy’s fangirl. Months ago, I tried to watch an MV, I think it’s “How Do I say”, and forgive me for saying but if you’re new to them and you’ll see their looks in that MV, you’ll probably opt to not to know them. Ironically, I was watching that vid last night (for the second time) and I enjoyed it. WAHAHAHAHA. Do not judge a band by its appearance huh?

I was watching Infinity Challenge last night and it was so hilarious, not only that almost all the variety shows that Shinhwa’s in was hilarious, I can’t help but to marvel on their friendship and the fact that they’ve been in the business for 10 long years.

First impression on them (upon first seeing)

Andy, Eric = my darlings. awww

Hyesung, Dongwan, Minwoo, Jun Jin = no impression, am I such a bad person but this was before.

After some time, I saw Minwoo perform and all I can say was “he’s hot”. I saw a part of Introducing Star Friends (not so sure though) with HyeSung and his manager, and I thought he’s cute. Then after watching variety shows with them as a guest, Ican’t help but to love JunJin and DongWan’s adorkableness.

I got another kpop obsession. No wonder they’re the legends. I think I am 90% away from fully knowing them, but come summer vacation, I’ll make sure that they are embedded on my heart. ^^