First, my account was suspended.

Then the second one was hacked.

Why oh why. My precious vids that took me a long time to upload were just deleted. My Dong Bang and Suju vids! noooooooo

 As you may notice, I haven’t updating my blog. Too busy at school (how many times do I have to repeat it, mwahahahaha, I sound like a tape recorder)

Oh well. Might as well show you a pic of myself that was taken last Monday. I don’t usually post personal stuff in here, but I especially love this photo, though it’s blurry and the only thing visible is my glasses.

color cubes

Why do I love this? Prolly because of the color cubes that changes color, I was telling my friends to take the shot when the cube’s colored blue or red, but in the end neither of it appeared. lol

Temporarily on leave? Nah, just on posting.