Yihaa, inline with my right foot being hurt from too much duckpin bowling from my pe class, I have recently watched a clip of DBSK playing tenpin bowling (what’s the connection?).

ok, haha, to prove that bowling can be lethal (lol), I’ll post a picture of the boys’ in the act of throwing the ball.


who do you think has the most dangerous position? lol. I know it is a bit difficult to recognize who’s who, the hand would somehow give you an idea. And because I so love Jaejoong in this clip, I took two pictures of him, he reminds me how much of a failure I am in my PE class. hahaha.

Lastly, oh my Kim “Xiah” Junsu’s such a great bowler. Yay! (so good ‘daw’ that I am compelled to spell out his name)