Phew. I haven’t post for quite some time. Too busy at school.

So, the much awaited korean version of Hana Yori Dango started last Monday, and I only knew a while back that they aired two episodes per week. Ok. I just finished watching the first two episodes a few minutes ago, and what I can say is I’m satisfied. =D I never even thought of comparing Kkotboda Namja with Meteor Garden and Hana Yori Dango, because I think they each have their own flavor (can’t think of a proper term).

What strike me odd at first was the story line, so Jan Di (aka Makino) was not enrolled in Shinhwa (school), and it was because of some unexpected event that she got herself accepted in that school. Aside from that and other minor differences, I find the story good. Though I think it would be better if they elaborated more on the ‘school spirit’ (hard to explain this part).


Characters. The casting is great. I’m becoming a fan of Hye Sun (Jan Di). Am I the only person who thinks that Hye Sun resembles Ueno Juri (as Nodame?). She’ll make a perfect Nodame. ^__^ Seriously, Hye Sun as Jan Di never fails to make me laugh, and also when she’s feeling down, I felt her sadness.




As for the boys, wahahahaha, I don’t have a favorite yet, which is surprising. I do hope that I will eventually warm up to Min Ho (Jun Pyo/Tsukasa), if only that perm didn’t get in the way. >:) Hyun Joong – he really has this cold and mysterious air around him ne? Perfect for Ji Hoo/Rui (personality/aura wise, I hope his acting improves). I find Kim Bum cute *blushes*.





I can’t wait to watch the 3rd and 4th episode! Let’s just pray that the story won’t get draggy towards the middle, and please don’t dwell dramatically on the amnesia part, I won’t forgive them if they pull a Meteor Garden 2 scenario in KN. That would suck. (don’t get me wrong, I love MG).


I’m kind of annoyed at Woo Bin’s random english like wassup yo!, wth, it spoils his image, hahaha, everytime he said that all I can think of is Chullie’s english.


.:. (2/8/09)After watching the first ten episodes….

KIM BEOM!! Gosh, during first two episodes I was so bothered by the fact that he always smiles, but after reaching the tenth epi, OMG, he is such a cutie, a major eye candy, and what more? I’m sure all the girls want to be Ga Eul on the tenth episode, Kim Beom serenading her while playing the saxophone? GYAAA, my OTP Ga Eul x Ee Jung, script writer shi please let them end up together. Jebal…

And Jun Pyo and Jan Di’s second kiss was epic. That’s so romantic, if only Jun Pyo exists in real life, then maybe we will all head to Korea. LOL

I confess that I found episodes 7 and 8 (the half of it) quite uneventful, but thanks to episodes 9 and 10 I’m regaining my ardent interest in Kkotboda Namja.

However, I watched episode 12’s preview, and it seems that they are going to have the ski/winter/Jan Di’s lost in the snow storm part, if ever your wondering, they did that concept (almost the same one) during Hanadan’s second season, towards the end, and yeah I am wondering how would Kkotboda Namja’s end would be, since I think in the manga/anime (if my memory serves me right) it sort of ended in that scene (not exactly the end), anyway it is still too early to look forward to the conclusion of the story right?