2008’s almost ending, hello twenty-oh-nine.

Just like everybody else, I’m here to post a recap of the things that happened to me this 2008 – with regards to my obsession with Asian Entertainment.

I think that compared to 2006 and 2007, the bloom of my Asian addiction started January ’08 when I’ve owned a laptop. It has reached its Golden Age come April – up to now, when my connection was updated from dial-up to DSL.


April – June / Japanese Invasion

This is when I’m on school vacation, and this is also the period when I’ve immersed myself to Japanese Doramas, I have watched at least 20 dramas during this period (?). Another unforgettable experience is when I became a fan of JE Boys, most specifically NEWS, who’ll not love them? I remember the point where in I was so torn on whom to choose, be it Ryo chan or Pi kun, but yeah Ryo has won my heart. 😀



Hahaha, so apparently KPOP got into me for some unknown reason, up to now, I still don’t know how on earth did my love for KPOP started.

I was looking through my posts awhile back, and here’s my first ever post that said something about kpop (dated august 2, 2008)


however take note that I have known/seen Super Junior first (back in March), I’ve also known of DBSK that very same day, but the attraction is so minimal (both SuJu and DBSK) that I never checked them out. Since I’m talking about KPOP, might as well tell you the first time that I’ve watched SuJu and DBSK.

March 2008. I borrowed the external HD of a fellow dormmate to copy Kurosagi (Pi’s series), and being the curious person that I am (and also I’m with my friends back then), I decided to browse my dormmate’s files, and that’s when I see a folder about Super Junior, and then by that time, the owner of the HD came to our room (my roommate and mine) and she told us that we should see Miracle, and poof, there goes pretty boy KiBum, and the first time we’ve seen him, we all shouted (seriously), and claimed that KiBum is our property, and what happened to the other SuJu members? We didn’t even notice their existence, we all thought of them as unnoticeable (haha, except I really like Kang In the first time I’ve seen him in the Miracle Vid because of his eyes, and also a friend of mine noticed Hee Chul bec. his eyes resembles the eyes of her crush, and not to forget Shin Dong, who’ll not notice him?).

And then the owner asked me if I know Dong Bang Shin Ki, and what did I answer? “I’ve heard of the name”. LOL. And then we watched the MV of Choosey Lover and O, and again I was surprised because these guys are supposed to be Koreans, why are they singing in Japanese? (ohh forgive me that time bec. I’m a super noob when it comes to JPOP and KPOP). As for CL and O, I find the song good. But it’s the end of it.

AND THAT’s MY FIRST ENCOUNTER WITH DBSJ. Then as I’ve already told you, come August, I began to have an interest in DBSK and eventually Super Junior. Here’s my first ever post that tells about me liking SuJu,


wahahahahha. pretty long post so far?

So if you’ll notice from August till now, all I ever did was to watch/download and fangirl DBSK and Super Junior, I have temporarily abandoned my Japanese fan-girling life, and now I find it difficult to watch Asian Dramas because of these boys.

So now it’s mirika for Korea, and Korea for mirika! – aww, corny. =)) AHH, I forgot to mention We Got Married! My Andy oppa, and the AnBi couple, they’ve also been a great part of my asian life this year.


Hope you didn’t get bored. So it’s almost 2009,

What am I thankful for this 2008? I’m thankful that I have known Super Junior and DBSK, I can’t imagine what my life would be if ever I haven’t known them soon enough.

I am thankful that I have made one of my dreams come true – to have a blog that tackles on anything about the Asian Entertainment- woohoo, 2008 gave birth to Give Me Some Dramas, and I’m thankful to all the people who took time reading about my post and especially to the people who have left comments. 🙂

PEEPS, Let’s continue to love Asian Entertainment this coming 2009, and the years after.