I was watching it live (via TVAnts) yesternight, and boy was I in for a surprise! (I know a lot of people are still spazzing(?) over this)


Just for a clarification, I am not a pervy,  butttt. hdjshdksbnfasjjbhdjshjdhsjdhsjhdkshdjs

*after calming down*

okay, I’m giving my reactions for the show yesterday.

Aside from major Dong Bang hotness, I’m a little disappointed with the show, all the while I thought DBSK and Big Bang would perform together on stage but it turned out that they will only do battle on stage, one after the other (not really that ‘coz Bi performed right after BB).

.:. The piano battle was great. Junsu’ powerful voice – ahhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~ taeyang’s performace is also superb. I’m loving Junsu, omg. He sang My Everything, which coincidentally is the song that DongHae sang at SuJu’s concert. =)

– and with regards to who is better, I’ll have my say. I’m a DBSK fan (as you may see). This is a piano battle, but I’ll focus on the singing. With regards to the pronunciation (English), Tae Yang’s words are more understandable, and with the proper accompaniment/mood, his performance rocks (note that I’m not that much of a BB fan), however Vocally speaking, Junsu’s better. 🙂 The high notes – whoa. Though his engrish isn’t that clear, but you can feel his passion.

.:. DANCE BATTLE – Yunho and Eunhyuk! yeeee, Yunho you pawn in sexiness but I think HyukJae danced the best. ^_^

.:. After watching SuJu-Happy perform, I’m a little sad, how I wish Super Junior 13 would be the one performing on stage, terribly miss these guys.

LASTLY, JUNSU in a glass box before the Wrong Number performance took my breath away, mwahahaha, and again the sexy back!!! Kinda remind me of Hae again, however this time all of DBSK showed it off. =))


what a nice and hot performance. 🙂 made me teary to think that it will be the last time that the boys will be appearing on Korean stage since they will be again busy with their Japanese schedule. I guess the surprise at the end is a gift for us? So that will never forget them while they’re away? (don’t worry I’ll never forget you, =D)

*picture credits to: dnbn // ninjacatherine@lj