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I have been wanting to watch this for the longest time, and I’m glad that I was able to. 🙂

P     L    O    T

taegukgiJin-Tae (Jang Dong-Gun) shines shoes, hoping to save enough money to send his younger brother, Jin-Seok (Won Bin), to university. Their mother runs a noodle shop and wishes the best for her two sons, even though things have been tough since her husband died. But all bets are off when the Korean War erupts and Jin-Seok is unwillingly conscripted into the war, which forces Jin-Tae to enlist just so he can save his brother.  (credits:netflix)

While on the battlefield, the two brothers learned a lot, the importance of living, friendship and also the true value of their brotherhood.

The scene opens where in an elderly man received a phone call that the excavation team dug up remains of a body that was identified to be him, believing that it was his brother’s, he quickly rushed to the site.

And then, the history of the war from the man’s perspective were retold. (I’m stopping here, hope I didn’t gave so much spoiler)

 T H O U G H T S

The opening scene itself is enough to let me know that what awaits me is a good movie. As I’ve mentioned in the plot, what was first shown was the scene of the present, and from there you can deduce who between the two brothers died. I’m not so much a fan of war movies (the only time I watch it is when I’m with my father and brother), but from movies that I’ve seen I know that it gives one the feeling of excitement and nervousness, and that in the end, there will definitely be losses (which made me cry).

I watched Taegukgi knowing that one of the brothers would die (I didn’t know who), with that thought in mind, I find myself crying in the first 20 minutes of the movie (even though there isn’t a thing to be truly sad about). Enough of my mediocrity.

I’ll first give a comment on the plot, more so, the war itself (this is a rant), I can’t believe that these things have happened (maybe not more on the film), too much bloodbaths and lives lost, not to mention that the two groups involve is from the same country (at least they both have Korea). STOP. haha, this is a touch subject, and I’ll just presume that you know your history. ^_^

As for the actors/actresses, one word: WOW. Jang Dong Gun, Won Bin and Lee Eun Ju (RIP), terrific. They’re brilliant. I can’t say more, but I really really like Dong Gun and Won Bin.

The movie overall was great. It touches on many aspects that had happened during the war. I especially like the twist at the end (hint: flag unit scene), and though the end has made me cry (yet again), I find it perfect (it’s too sad for the brothers). No doubt it was called the Brotherhood of the War.


I confess that one of the reasons that I’ve watched this is because it was said that JaeJoong’s an extra here (super small role), but DBSK said that they can’t spot him in the film, and I can’t find him too. lol