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Finally, after 3-4 months, I have finished watching Last Friends. Yatta!

S   Y   N   O   P   S   I   S


Michiru Aida is a beauty parlour assistant who returns to Tokyo after four years of absence. She moves in with her boyfriend, Sousuke Oikawa, who works in the Child Welfare Division. She quickly becomes the victim of DV and is bullied at her workplace. Ruka Kishimoto is Michiru’s best friend that works part time at a mechanic shop and is a brilliant motocross racer. She has a problem which she cannot confide to anyone and her worry becomes evident throughout the series. Takeru Mizhushima is a professional hair makeup artist by day and a bartender by night who suffers from a traumatic past. The three meet by chance and a journey of friendship begins. (credits to wikipedia)

.:. wikipedia has an awesome/detailed description of the series, go here

T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S

I remember months ago, I was so into this drama, this, alongside Zettai Kareshi were the most talk about Japanese Drama of that time.

Last Friends’ plot is unusual compared to most of the series that I have watched, it’s because it tackles on the different issues that people are experiencing, most notably Domestic Violence, and I think the DV scene is one of the factors that made LF popular, for in what drama will you see a guy hurting his girlfriend? not only once, but repeatably? Not to forget gender issues? LF’s one heck of a complex/intriguing story line.

But what has attracted me to this drama (originally)? Putting the story aside, upon hearing of the casting for this, I was so estatic to know that my most favorite Japanese actor and actress were both included in the cast. There is no doubt that I love Ryo-chan best among all the Japanese actors, and as for Ueno Juri, she is the only Japanese actress that I like (and is my favorite).

After the first few episodes, I didn’t care more if Ryo and Juri were there, it was overshadowed by their acting skills. Can anyone be more perfect for the role? I’m nearly in tears after watching a few episodes, I felt like a mom that is so proud of her children. First off, Juri as Ruka, kudos to Ueno Juri, she never fails to amaze me, I think she’ll perfectly fit to any role given to her, her performance was really brilliant, and she even sacrificed her hair for the role. If she’ll be the one who’ll be a lesbian, I’m pretty sure many will still like her (sorry I’m a fan of her, mwahahaha).

Now, for my Ryo-chan, he’s my ichiban in my Japanese fandom, I truly love him, however, after seeing him act as Sousuke, I became afraid of him. LOL, as in eveytime his face as Sousuke appears on the screen, I’ll cover my eyes and pray that he’ll be gone. I’m even afraid that my love for him will fade away (luckily it didn’t happen). Ryo, you’re fitted to be an evil person. >;) hahaha

Before I end my review, I would say that Last Friends is worth your time, you’ll learn a lot, and also life’s harsh reality will be presented right before your eyes. As for its ending, I could not say more, I like how they ended things, though it isn’t that happy (in some way) but still the story lived up to its title (or the other way around?, sorry my own confusion).


I only remember now, since I’m selfish (hahaha) when it comes to the person that I love, whenever someone asks me what is a good drama to watch, I instantly recommend Last Friends, and when I let my friend watched it, she said that she is really afraid of Ryo, haha, isn’t it a good way to ward off potential Ryo fangirls? LOL.  =p