After a long time, I’m back with Last Friends summary (if you’re still interested that is). The last summary that I made was episode 6, and now  here is the ‘short’ summary for Episode 7 (sorry for some inconsistencies due to my memory loss from not having to watched Last Friends for months).


After confessing that he loves Ruka, the atmosphere became awkward. Ruka then told Takeru that she’s sorry and she can’t return his feelings. Takeru asked if it’s because she likes another person, and she just nods and walks away.

Takeru stopped her by telling that they are still in the middle of their conversation, Ruka told him that the reason why she’s acting that way is because of Michiru. She easily lose her temper because of her, and she asked him to be nice to Michiru and to like her more (implying to love Michiru more than a friend).

The two walked home together, and before entering the house, Ruka told Takeru that they’re relationship should be the same as before (friends).They saw Ogura, Eri and Michiru in the living room. Eri told them that she has won 6 tickets for the amusement park and she’s hoping that they can go together. They all agreed to go, but still has a spare ticket.

On the day of their trip, it was revealed that Ruka has invited her coach, Hayashida, and thus it was under the impression of the others that they have some mutual understanding (truth is Ruka asked her coach to pretend that there is something going on between the two of them). It was evident from Takeru’s face that he was shocked on seeing the two of them.

At the amusement park..

The group was divided into couple (Ruka-Hayashida, Eri-Ogura, Michi-Takeru). Takeru still seemed hurt, but then he saw his sister and it caused him to be afraid/dumbfounded, and then he decided to leave the place (Which Michiru noticed).

Thus, Michiru and Takeru went home early. The rest soon arrived.

[E.N] From now on, I’ll just give short summary, too lazy. =p

That night, Michiru went to Ruka’s room to tell her that she’s breaking up with Sousuke. The next day, while in front of Sousuke’s apartment, Michiru called and told him that she’s breaking up with him.

At the motorcross area (dunno what’s the right term), another message was posted about Ruka’s identity (caused her to be depressed and confused).

That night, Takeru asked Ruka if she’s bothered with something, and it ended with them having a heated argument (more of Ruka’s reaction).

The following morning, during breakfast, the atmosphere’s so hostile.

Apparently, Ruka’s still in a bad mood. Eri, Ogura and Ruka left for work, leaving Takeru and Michiru alone.Michiru and Takeru then have a serious discussion, Takeru telling Michiru that he saw her crying the previous night, and that she should not think much of Sousuke anymore, for it will all go away. Michiru then leaned on Takeru’s shoulder and asked him if it will be okay for her to like him, what the two didn’t know is that Ruka has seen all that has happened (she has forgotten her phone and came back to get it). Ruka hurriedly walked away, and while doing so, she accidentally hit the flower pot, startling Michiru and Takeru.


THERE YOU GO, sorry for the lame summary. I think I’m stopping my Last Friends summary here. It’s been months since this series finished, and I guess many people have already watched this (sorry for blabbing too much, truth is it’s just my laziness taking its toll on me, not to mention my addiction to KPOP)