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DONE WATCHING SCW, at last (after like two months?). ^_^

Strongest Chil Woo is the first Saeguk drama that I watched full. And yeah, it is because of Eric. mwahahahaha.


strongest-chil-wooKang Chil Woo was a lowly police officer during the Joseon era. His parents were killed in a raid and his main goal was to stay below the radar to survive. However when his sister was killed, his outlook on life was forever changed and in seeking revenge, he turned into an assassin and began to mete out justice to criminals. (credits to dramawiki)

Since dramawiki’s synopsis is vague, I’ll give additional information.

The story started when Chil Woo (Eric Mun) was little. His father dreamt of a peaceful Korea, and because of this he was labeled as a rebel by the palace. However, due to a betrayal, Chil Woo’s family was murdered, only leaving him and his sister alive.

Years after, Chil Woo became a lowly police officer (please refer to dramawiki’s synopsis above for the simpler summary).

After his sister was killed, Chil Woo became an assassin, and along the way, he met people who shared the same sentiments as him, and together they served out justice to the criminals.

Notice how I only expanded DramaWiki’s summary? LOL. whatever.


I watched this out of guilt. ‘Coz I was feeling that I am neglecting Eric, that I am liking Andy more (okay, fan-girl stuff here).

Not really a fan of historical, but since it’s Eric, I am willing to try.

STORY: Hmm, overall, the story is fine, not bad, but not that superb, not also so-so, a little bit higher than average. Am I confusing you?

One of my criteria for a good series is that it should not urge me to fast forward the scenes, and wishing that the whole thing be finished already, in short boring. But though SCW isn’t my usual thing, I am somehow interested, though some of the scenes almost made me bored, but yet it didn’t. Again, confusing for your part. Okay, let’s talk about Saeguk, if my interpretation is right, it is a historical drama. So at the beginning, I thought that SCW would be like Jewel in the Palace and Jumong, but then SCW is the exact opposite, it is light and funny, reminds me of the Taiwanese Drama Amazing Twins.

Yet, there are many parts that has left me crying. A combination of happiness, sadness, craziness, that is what I felt while watching SCW.

However, there are events/incidents in the story that was not explained clearly. I will just not write them (truth is I’ve forgotten it already, since I’ve watched this series with large time gaps). Putting that aside, I think SCW is worth your time.

CASTS: ta~da, isn’t it obvious that I am so giddy for this part? (ohh, I have a lot to say)

First, Eric. This man never fails to make me laugh, why is it that everytime I see him on screen, his roles are always the same (except for Firebird)? He did well, however, mianhae Eric oppa, though you’re the reason why I watched SCW, I found out that I like someone better than you in this series (only in this series, i repeat).

yooahinOKAY. I THINK I’VE FALLEN FOR HEUK SAN (Yoo Ah In). The Lightning Kid. The Emo Guy/Assassin with the long hair. I don’t know why, but I find him cool. Note, I like him with his hair long, and when he is wearing the black suit/robe. I think Yoo Ah In has done a great job (am I biased?)

But but, who also has the same opinion as me? Come on, I’m right, right? LOL. And again, sorry Eric oppa, but I am more of a Heuk San – So Yoon shipper. I would love to see them together, they would make a good couple.

I almost faint during the cave scene. =)) To confess, he’s one of the main reason why I am so enthusiastic to watch this show.

So Yoon (Goo Hye Sun). She’s fine. I wonder how Hye Sun will do as Makino for the much awaited HYD Korea.

Lee Eon. RIP. So sad he’s dead, I can’t help but to feel disbelief that the healthy man that I watched in SCW is already dead.

As for the other casts, they were superb. MWAHAHAHAHA. I love the three stoogees (pardon me if the spelling’s wrong), I named them such because they are so hilarious, plus Chil Woo’s adoptive dad too, and also CW’s adoptive mom and grandma. =p

I guess I should end my review. Sorry for putting my biases, but but I can’t help it. ;p