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I promised myself that during my Christmas Vacation, I’ll indulge myself to DBSK. =p And yeah, I was watching Strongest Chil Woo and random DBSK videos during the duration of this day.

I’ve watched their Jiwhaza special (around 2007) and also their latest Come To Play guesting (that was last October), and while I was watching them, I told myself that *there is no one in DBSK that I would come to hate or dislike. I’ll admit that my least favorite member is Junsu, however, I’ve noticed recently that I’ve come to like him as well.

As for my most favorite member, I still can’t decide, but the closest one as of now is Micky. ^^

Yet, there are still many DBSK vids out there that I have yet to download, I still have a lot of catching up to do (have you seen the enormous dong bang files that dbsker has?). But I am happy that day after day, I am growing fonder of them. And I’m glad that they are good buddies with SuJu.

I am being overlydongbangemoified as of the moment. wahahaha

*would you believe me if I told you that there is someone in Super Junior that I sort of dislike? not dislike, more of I’ve come to lost interest? Hint, he’s the first Super Junior member that I’ve liked/I’ve been crazy at. HAHA. Forgive me, but but.

.:. A.N. [12/24/08/]

I’m making a seperate page for DBSK/SuJu related stuff, what’ll be there?

Ans: Since what I am dl-ing these days are variety/talk shows/dvd that DBSK (and hopefully SuJu) has appeared in, I’ll be making short summaries of what that show is about. However, do not expect it sooner ‘coz I still have to download them all (good luck to me)