I don’t know what came over me, but for the last 2-3 months, I came to like Korean Entertainment, therefore making me leave my Japanese fandom.

And so now, I am applying to be part of a Filipino-Korean Organization in School – UP Arirang. Talk about loving Korea. lol. Most of the members of this org are fan girls, they said that if you want to have co-fangirls, apply in this org, and so I did.

YET, I felt that I am such a noob in Korean Entertainment. NYAHAHAHA. WHY? ‘coz I only know a few artist, and my main interest is in Super Junior, as my friends told me I am majoring in SuJu, and minoring in DBSK. But I guess this shall pass, eventually I’ll know the others. =p

The sad part is, I join this org without anyone accompanying me, poor me, to think that I am such an introverted person, but I know I can survive somehow.

The main reason why I wrote this is not the one above, LOL. So we’re having a Christmas Party tomorrow, and we, hubaes, were asked to perform. And you know what performance are we doing? SNSD’s Girls’ Generation. WAHAHAHA. Basically we have to wear short skirts and all, WTF?! That is so unlike me, I’ve never worn anything short in public, and I can’t dance, seriously. It would be better if we’re doing SuJu, I can tolerate that, but SNSD? Goodluck to me.