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After ignoring the existence of sjm – not really completely ignoring, just refraining myself from seeing them as a group, i’ve finally decided to watch SJM’s U.


And I’m glad I did. Ghash. The MV’s fantastic and great. The boys are lovely, especially Wookie and Dong Hae. THE MV’s the bomb, forgive me for saying but I like U’s MV (sjm) better than the old U, but as my friend commented U korean (the song) is still better than the Mandarin one. Though I hope SuJu 13 would be the one performing in the mandarin MV, then that would be heaven. Again, I am pro 13, haha.

BTW, I’ve noticed something, Zhou Mi kind of resembles Siwonnie, I’ve also noticed it while browsing some SJM pics before, I was thinking, “why is it that Siwon has two pics?” But then, haha.

I can’t get SJM U’s MV outta my head. Baby Ryeowook is really manly looking now huh?

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