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A little glimpse on what has happened when me and my friend watched the Super Show dvd (more of her reactions than mine).

Joanna and me have watched it together last Monday night (midnight-ish) and the people in our apartment’s already sound asleep.

AND THE TWO OF US CAN’T HELP SCREAMING (we’ve moderated our sreaming voices so that it sounds as if we’re mumuring).

DONGHAE AND HIS S-E-X-Y  B-A-C-K. We’ve been rendered speechless during that performance. We were not expecting it. Joanna can’t literally speak for a few minutes. SHE was so shocked, but we both agreed that it is so hot and sexy, and only dong hae can do that (more of Joanna’s thinking, and me partly). And the dance with the girls – hahahhahaha, you should see Joanna’s face, lol. She can’t bear to see Fishy with other girls, especially dancing sexily.

I was teasing her that I think I’m also falling for Dong Hae’s charms (which is true), but though I like Dong Hae a lot, I know that he’s Joanna’s (okay this is our world of fan girling, haha), and I respect it (amen).

During the U part, where Donghae showed his chest, Joanna covered the screen with a pillow, she told me that I am not allowed to see Fishy’s body. mwahahahhahaha.

But really, Dong Hae stood out in the Super Show, also Hangeng, Hangeng’s hot and he can dance like hell.

As for my lovely Hee Nim, he still looks like a girl, and he is so beautiful.

Wow. Just a random rant. I might post screen caps (the dong hae part! lol)