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Third book of the Blue Bloods series.

revelationsArrgggggghhhhhhhhh. Why is it that I was looking forward to read this, but after doing so, I felt that the intensity has only grown stronger? Yet again, Revelations has left the leaders with a cliff hanger.

And as the title suggests, Revelations is about the revelations concerning the Blue Bloods. I have my guesses on who is the  culprit or the dark figure, but the author tends to mislead me or rather confuse me to believe who the true culprit is. But now it is evident, and don’t worry, I will not blurt it out.

However, I find Masquerade better than Revelations, solely on the fact that I felt that the plot of Revelations were a bit hurried. I was thinking, why did it happen so fast? Just a little more background would do.

Yet, Revelations did not fail my expectations. Though most of the chapters were probably just fillers to me, but the end part has left my heart pounding. Just then, I wished the “fight scenes” were elaborated more, it would give the readers more time to imagine what is happening.

And it is official I am a Schuyler – Ollie shipper. Screw Jack, just joking, though there is still a part of me that wishes for Jack to be presented in a more appropriate manner, I would like to see Ollie and Sky together. =)

The sad part is, the fourth book (The Van Alen’s Legacy) will be released next year (2009). That’s a long wait huh? Patience is the key.