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video UL-ed by cassiopeial0ve on YouTube.


I was internet deprived for 5 days, and when I finally get the chance to surf, TVXQ’s Wrong Number MV caught me off guard.

WTH?! YUNHO!!!!!!!!!!!!! you know what? all the while, I thought that my nosebleeding days are over after Mirotic’s MV, but I guess that’s just the beginning.

YUNHO + Bath tub scene + topless with only a towel, arggggggghhhhhh. I was planning to sleep, but I know I have to blog about this. IT IS A MUST. I’m over the limits of hyperventilating, so I guess I am so hyped and freaked out (in a good way).

WOW. Dong Bang’s all grown up, though I’m a new fan but seeing their image now makes me want to cry, they are so manly especially Yunho and Junsu.

And yes, finally, Micky looks so handsome in this MV, a whole lot better than his looks on Mirotic, woot, Micky it’s fine if you decide to retain that hair forever. xp

and, uhm, Changmin’s hair is distracting. Looks like he has his hair cut right before shooting that MV, but still, Changmin’s adorable. 🙂

Yunho’s body’s to die for!! (can’t help but to shout it out loud) I’m sure my friend would die if she’ll see this, hahahahaha.

I hope I can do screen caps. (SC’s to follow?) I like Mirotic more (the song I mean). But WN’s MV is the B-O-M-B.