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bluebloodWow. I’ve had this book for such a long time, but it was only I think 2 days ago that I’ve let myself read it.

And how much I loved it. Seriously. I know if ever you’re reading this review, it means that you’re also in a vampire fever.

I was not expecting much from this book, but Blue Bloods is different. It is not more on the “romantic relationship” between couples, rather it’s about the creation and continuing history of vampires.

The greatest thing about this book is it has a story, substance and depth. It is more on the mystery kind of lit, and it irks me, in a way that I want to discover the secrets that have not yet been revealed yet. It provides the readers with questions that could only be answered after reading further on. As I’ve read on one review, in Blue Bloods, Melissa dela Cruz has created a new world of vampires that is somewhat different from the others.

And also Blue Bloods reminds me of Gossip Girl, only this time the characters are vampires themselves. The only comment that I can make in the book is that there’s so many descriptions and pages that are dedicated to show us the Manhattan way of life. As for character development, each character in the story was given importance, and I’m looking forward to learn more about them.

This is a great read. If ever you haven’t yet, you’re missing half of your vampire life. One of the best. 🙂 And Melissa dela Cruz – the author, is a fellow Filipina, which makes Blue Bloods more precious to me.


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