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I’m writing this entry with my whole heart poured into it. I’m writing this with tears in my eyes and my nose running wild.

I’ve just finished watching We Got Married Episode 28 – the part where Andy and Solbi decided to end their marriage. You know what? I’m so exhausted today because I’ve been walking nonstop to finish my enrollment (ok this is irrelevant). What I’m saying is I should have watched this episode yesterday, but believe me, I’ve done all kinds of stuff just to prolong myself from watching this heart wrenching episode. However, I know I would have to watch it.


And so did I. And what am I feeling now? I’m feeling that the world stopped turning. I am so sad and lonely. My most favorite couple AnSol/AnBi is gone. And I know WGM will never be the same.

This entry is mainly about Andy and Solbi.

The reason why I watched WGM was because of Hyun Joong, I am so curious of people telling me that he’s cute and all, and so come the first episode, I was disappointed to learn that he will be appearing in the latter epis. So I’ve thought that for the sake of watching the show, I would have to watch it from the start.

When I’ve first watched WGM, I did not find the couples cute and charming (more of like my heart is not into it), “why is there no cute guys present?” Then I’ve heard Andy’s name, and I was like “is this Andy from Shinhwa?” (I only knew Eric that time, and I’ve come to know the other members name through Wikipedia). And then when I first saw him, I didn’t find him cute. lol. As for Solbi, I also do not know her since I am not into korean people that time.

cute1However, during the first few episodes, things have gotten interesting. I think it started with the first episode when Solbi let Andy wear the pink suit, I was thinking that he would not wear it ‘coz it’s not in his aura to do it, but i was shocked that he really did. I find it cute plus Andy did the dance thing. And from there I started to notice that Andy is indeed goodlooking (ohh the ponytail!) and he’s like the perfect husband (he does not complain and he acts like a real gentleman without looking like he is forced to do it).

Looking back, I think the first time that I loved Andy, and AnSol couple was during the “pool episode”. That was so funny, and touching, i know you’ll agree with me. I was amazed on Solbi’s naughtiness and Andy’s good nature attitude. You remember the coffee part? THAT WAS WHEN I FELL IN LOVE WITH ANDY.

And the rest of the episodes has only deepened that.

I will not get tired of repeatedly saying that Andy and Solbi is a perfect match for each other. In a way though their personality is conflicting, but it’s what makes them perfect. I can’t fully explain this but I know that if you’ve watched this couple you know exactly what I feel.

Episode 28 was really heartbreaking. I pity Solbi so much, but I also pity Andy. I can tell that they would not want to separate but it has to be done. Did you see Andy crying so much? That only proves how much it hurts him to say goodbye to Solbi and vice versa. And I personally think that Andy and Solbi looked best in this episode.

I know I’ve written before that I will still watch WGM after AnSol left, but now, I think I can’t be true to my words. I just felt that WGM is not WGM without Andy and Solbi, I know this is bad but it’s so hard and frustrating. You know the feeling of forcibly loving someone just because your loved one has left you? Or to put in a simpler way, of being happy when deep inside your heart is tearing apart?

I guess that’s what I’m feeling right now.

AnBi would be forever in my heart. 😀


P.S (sorry if there are a lot of grammatical errors, and btw I’ll still watch WGM, just the parts where in Eun Hyuk and Lee Teuk guested, lol)