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yet again.


OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU to my number 1 hubby in all of Japan, NISHIKIDO RYO kun! Ryo chan happy birthday. 😀 I was thinking of making a fanvid for him but I don’t have that many clips.


I was watching Why Why Love on ABS a few minutes back, but it turns out that I can’t tolerate it that much. That’s the problem when our Local channel acquires an asian show, they do many cuts (as in so many) thus, the true essence/emotion/feeling of the show is gone (or is it because that I’ve replayed WWL so many times?).


I’m now on episode 4 of 3 Dads and 1 mom, yatta! I know my taste is weird, but among the three, I like the policeman best (the subs of my copy is so poor that they’ve gotten the names wrong).




ANBI couple is driving me nuts, how come they’ve both bought a couple ring (that’s so sweet)? haha, Andy’s reaction was priceless. And so I’m wondering, why did they had to leave?? Busy Sched? urrrghhhhh.


School’s almost starting (4 days to be exact), meaning no more time for watching and fangirling.

Looking back to my semestral break, I haven’t accomplished much.

I was hoping that I could finish all my unwatched DVD’s but I’ve only managed to finish 3 of them. I’ve watched new series, but I stopped midway.

Also I was looking forward to learn Hangul (writing), yes I’ve tried to study it (for a day) but I’m too lazy. The result: I can understand Hangul, sort of, but it is inaccurate, and I’m at a lost on some of the rules (and I’ve only practiced reading, so my writing sucks)