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I’ve finished the first episode, and so far I’m loving it. 😀

OMG, my favorite couple is Andy and Solbi, next would be Crown J and In Young. (so sad that AnBi have said their farewell to the show)

I am inlove with Andy (love at first sight, ne?). Not a fan of Shinhwa, but Andy’s the husband material, and omg, *speechless*. Love it when Solbi always mentions about Eric (eric’s one of my favorite actors). Cute couple. 🙂

And In Young and Crown J rocks! haha, funny couple, nyahahahaha.

I’m basing my review on the first episode only, guess will just have to edit this in the future. ^^


11-01-08. Edited.

Just finished episode 15 of WGM, and I’m crying. Andy and Solbi’s so perfect for each other that it breaks my heart. Normally, I have a thing about my crushes being linked to a female celebrity, but in case of Andy and Solbi, though it may bring me sadness, I do hope with all my heart and soul (cliche) that they would be a true couple in real life. C’mon, I can’t imagine Andy with any other girl, it has to be Solbi.

And though the episode where in they would be last appearing is at least 10 episodes away, I can’t help but to feel lonely thinking that after that, AnBi would forever be gone, the top reason why I’m still eager to watch WGM is because of AnBi, and once they’re gone, I know WGM will never be the same, to confess, I’ve skipped the parts of Hwi Jae and his partner. OHHH. will it be bye bye WGM after AnBi has left?

And based from what I’ve read, almost all the original couples are gone, which is bad. I guess if ever that part came, the only couple that I would watch is the ANT and Lettuce Couple. mark my words.

BTW, Hyun Joong’s gorgeous and I think he’s smart as in so smart. (but he’s only next to Andy in my heart)