T_T. Why am I so poor? argghhh.

*rant mode*

since I’m not in the mood to watch any dramas, I’ve decided to watch videos from Super Junior’s Super Show. Since no one has uploaded the full dvd, I’ve contented myself to rewatch those clips that were uploaded over at LJ.

and gyaaa~~~~

love those 13 boys to death. When will I see the 13 of them again on stage? (last was on SBS dream concert).

if only, I was born rich, then I’d buy that DVD. Luckily someone’s subbing it full. hahaha.

however, back to the Super Show, why on earth did they not include the Philippines??????? Hmmm, I was just wondering. Why is that in korean dramas, they never fail to mention my country, and also SUJU has been with Charice, so why? why? why????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oopss sorry, back to what I was saying a few minutes ago,

the super show’s awesome ^___________________________^

Teukie crying nearly move me to tears, leader shi!!!! you’re one amazing guy.

and gyaaa, hangeng’s hot. ^_^, no wonder my chula loves him so much. lol

And would you believe the “U” part made me cry? wahahahahaha.

Now I’ve realized, you’ll never appreciate Super Junior if you’ll not love them as 13. ‘coz SuJu isn’t complete without the number 13.

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I LOVE SUPER JUNIOR.



YATTA! just found out that the full concert is UL-ed over at LJ! *begins to dl*