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First time to watch a medical drama.

Year of Broadcast: 2008


  • Yamashita Tomohisa as Aizawa Kousaku (Flight doctor-in-training)
  • Aragaki Yui as Shiraishi Megumi (Flight doctor-in-training)
  • Toda Erika as Hiyama Mihoko (Flight doctor-in-training)
  • Asari Yosuke as Fujikawa Kazuo (Flight doctor-in-training)
  • Higa Manami as Saejima Haruka (Flight nurse)
  • Synopsis

    The drama’s full title is “Code Blue: Doctor Heli Kinkyu Kyumei.” The concept is based on Japan’s proposal for an emergency medical service using helicopters to quickly reach those in need. A special bill was passed in June 2007 that should foster widespread adoption of the system. Yamashita stars as a young doctor-in-training, working under the guidance of an experienced “flight doctor”. Some scenes will be filmed with a real helicopter, adding to the show’s tension. [Credits: tokyograph + dramawiki

    To add, Code Blue centers on 4 flight doctor in training  (Yamapi, Yui, Toda and Asari), as they enter Shohoku medical hospital. They’re all aspiring to be a great doctor, with the aspiration to be a flight doctor, however things became hard for them due to Kuroda sensei. This leads them to work harder and prove to the medical world that they are capable of becoming doctors.


    As I’ve mentioned, Code Blue is a medical drama. If you want to see lots of blood, intestines, hearts pumping, blood vessels, Yamapi with the perm, and the like, I suggest you to watch this. Okay, I’m not grossing you out but Code Blue’s full of these things (good thing Pi’s there, lol).

    However, despite the stuff that I’ve mentioned above, I love this drama. As in I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching it, I know you’ll also do. Mind you, hmmm, it may not be for the faint hearted since there are a lot of sensitive scenes that shows “human organs on the loose” but once you get over it, you’ll find it quite educational. A great drama for those who are aspiring to be involved in the medical world. I once dreamt of becoming a surgeon myself, but since my mother said that I’m easily grossed out, I am not qualified to be one.

    For us normal people, this drama brings us close to the things that are happening on the operating room, and elsewhere that involves doctors. There are a lot of medical terms, sickness that were introduced, which I like.

    The best thing about Code Blue is it presents us with the essence of living. I will not be lecturing you on how important life is, watch this and you’ll understand. Every patient that the doctors handle comes with a lesson, not only are the patient benefiting, the doctors too and also us, the audience. I always find myself tearing up at every episode (not really all, but I’ve cried at almost all of it).

    Brilliant actors and actresses. Superb casting. Great plot. Heart warming stories. The essence of not giving up, of fighting till the end. This is what Code Blue’s about.

    I greatly recommend this to all of you. Life altering? Perhaps.