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Goong T (Parody?) featuring SuJu T, but it isn’t just Goong, it’s a mixture of Jewel in the Palace, Jumong, Hwang Ji Ni, Meteor Garden. hahahahah. call it crazy.

But first, here’s what really amaze me. Sungmin can honestly qualify as a girl!

sungmin’s punishment: to dance like Seo In Young

I swear Kang In fantasizes Sung Min’s girl form, I’m sure as hell. lol

And here’s the Goong T part. ^^

Prince EunHyuk and Prince eeTeuk (sorry hyukjae, but eeTeuk’s my love, gyaboo he’s charming)

erm, chulie, you know I like you most, but what the? hahaha. You look like Little Red Riding Hood’s grandma. wahahahahahaha. 

AND MY ULTIMATE OTP! HEETEUK! HOMG. Hee Chul and teukie, love love you.

ohh, that ends my post, I just have to let it out somehow. I so love Super Junior.