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Explorers of the Human Body? Exploration of the Human Body? HMM. Whatever title it may be, but this show’s definitely hilarious and educational. A variety show that features questions about the human body, in which Super Junior will be the one to discover the answers by doing it on theirselves.

for more info on the show, go to wikipedia — E H B

Wee. Should have blogged about this last 2 weeks ago. I love this show. All shows where Super Junior’s in is a must watch, it’s good to see the 13 of them in one show plus another good thing about this is DBSK appeared as a guest for 2 episodes! hurray. DongBangSuJu = ❤

Through this, my knowledge of Super Junior’s personality deepened.

* EunHyuk and Ryeowook‘s a crybaby. And because of the test about the crying part, I got to know that they LOVE super junior a lot. Especially Eun Hyukie. hahahaha.

* Leader sshi’s so adorable. I’ve mentioned before that Lee Teuk is one of my most favorite SuJu member, and after watching this it only deepens. As my friend told me “He’s such a sweetie”. You could see that Teukie cares a lot for the members of Super Junior, really really cares. AWWWW. He’s so sweet. And I love the way he smiles and laughs (how could I explain that kind of laugh?). And Teukie being a frustrated comedian’s the bomb. WEEE sarang hae leader shi.

* Siwon‘s one hell of an athletic guy. woohoo. He’s one of the best sporty guy in SuJu, and his gestures rocks! wahahahahahahhaha. Most composed member of SuJu? siwonniehorse. lalalalala~lalalalalala

* Kang in‘s loveable as well, one crazy and scary guy. The strongest perhaps?  anyway he’s like a kid, hahahahahahaha.

* most determined member = kyuhyun. see it for yourself. 🙂 (though he only appeared on the latter half)

* ryeowook‘s so funny. wahahahha. the term “weakest among suju” cracked me up. And he’s so modest and timid, but still love him. hihihi

* sung min. whoa. what will I do with him? After watching EHB he’s come close to my heart. *doki doki* He’s (how can I say this?) , *doki doki again* love (finally I’ve admitted it). WILL TELL THE REASON LATER

* THE SAD PART IS HEE CHUL’s appearances and exposures were limited. T_T. But totally loved the part where in he dance a song of Wonder Girls (he’s a super fan).

FAVORITE MOMENTS (will only tell some)

* Eating the chili/pepper. WAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Jolokia you rock! Love it when DBSK also tried it and they weren’t affected. LOL. (Episode 1 and 10)

* The spinning machine part (episode 6). HAHAHAHAHA. FUNNY episode. Especially Teukie. hahahahaha

* the archery episode (ep. 11). I Love it when Hee Chul starts to talk on someone’s back and when he’s away from the rest, they talked behind his back too. wahahahaha.

* Every group prank that’s played on SuJu. The eye test part, the laughing is contagious part, etc.

* The episode where in Ye Sung and Micky’s attempt on a vertical leap test failed?. HAHAHAHAHA.

* the breathing underwater episode. SuJu CPR-ing each other? WTH, I adore this episode. And Hee Chul’s (pretty evident that I like him most, ne?) gags are funny as always. And this is it, this is the part where I’ve seen Sung Min in a new light, especially when he was giving CPR to Eun Hyuk, from that point I’ve realized that Sung Min’s a good and great guy. And I’ve dreamt of him that night also, if you want to know my dream about him, go here – dreaming of sungminnie (no link for now)




One thing more, though you’re not a fan of Super Junior, or rather not so much into Korean stuff, Explorers of the Human Body is still a must see. If not, then might as well brand me as a liar (whoa).

Just ignore my post above (if you’re neutral to watch this, i hope there aren’t anti’s), ‘coz as you can see I’m a super fan of Super Junior, so that is where all the hype came from.