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woot. It’s Lee Dong Hae’s 22nd birthday. Hurray

Continue to be one of the greatest person we know. Don’t you ever change, ‘coz we love you the way you are.

“You are our Everything”.


woohoo. I’m so overjoyed ‘coz it’s donghae’s birthday. Though he isn’t mine to claim (joanna super loves dong hae), but still dong hae’s one of my ultimate favorite SuJu member.

And to celebrate his birthday, Joanna and I decided to stay up late last midnight, and we exchanged this text messages about him.

And also, I’m trying to make a birthday vid for him, with Joanna’s oh so touching message. I do hope I could finish it before his birthday ends, if ever I wouldn’t be able, I’ll just post Joanna’s message here. (I’ve spent 4 hours cutting clips, taking pictures for that vid alone last night)

here’s the link for the vid that I’ve made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjE-Qh-NdWU