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It’s still Dong Hae’s birthday right (sadly it is in my time zone, but in korea it’s already the 16th)? Argghh, finally, I’m done with the video. Took me 14 hours + 4 hours to do it and upload it. Though only a few minutes left before his special day ends, at least I was able to make this. 😀

Anyway, enjoy. Plus please bear with the messages that I and Joanna did. wahahhahaha. And I think some parts of the video are jumpy, since I’m in a rush to finish it, I wasn’t able to fix that problem (I should have done this earlier, ne?) and I’ve realized that W. Movie Maker’s not the best movie maker out there. Made my head ache.

This is my first attempt on making a fan video. wahahahahahaha. I myself think this is disorganized, but I’ve totally done this with love. YEAH. 😀