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So the second season of Vampire Knight has started. I’m so behind things. hahaha. Don’t blame me, ‘coz I’ve stopped watching VK season 1 at I think the 11th episode (hmm, maybe due to the fact that I’ve read the manga?).

So the title of VK’s second season is Vampire Knight Guilty. Wonder why they add the guilty part. As of the moment I’m dl-ing the first episode. Will just edit the my post after I’ve watched it.



okay. done watching the first episode. hmmm, dunno but I think I’ve lost my interest. but will still watch it, haha. anyway I personally think the OP and ED songs from the first season’s better.

and why oh why, am I feeling that I’m liking Zero more than Kaname? Kaname seems scary, hahaha. will have to wait for the next episodes to come to confirm my feelings