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Yes. A review for DBSK’s mini drama. However, don’t expect much, will just briefly tell you my thoughts and a little summary of it (though I’m not sure on ow accurate my summaries will be). Arranged in no particular order (sorry for the typos, i’m sort of sleepy).

1. Dangerous Love

Synopsis: (All five members were present). DBSK’s in a place for a shoot (is this right?) however strange things have happened. Yunho has become kind and sticky to Jae Joong which makes JJ think that Yunho’s gay(lol), while Max and Junsu met an accident while playing soccer during the night. the two were taken care of a girl who lives in a secluded place, unbeknownst to them, the girl hides some secret that may endanger the life of the two.

THOUGHTS: Ohhh. This is my favorite mini drama’s of theirs. Why? ‘coz YunJae’s love. I’m not really a fan of BB stories, but those two has cracked me up, and they look good together. Lot’s of funny moments and the boys are lalalove.


Synopsis: DBSK in Japan. Revolves around Yunho. Being the overly hyperactive that he is, Yunho sneaked past their manager to take a tour in Japan (he doesn’t understand Japanese and because the other members won’t accompany him), and through that he met a tour guide (sorry forgot her name) while he gets on the tour bus.

THOUGHTS: Love this mini drama also. My 3rd Favorite. HAHA. Made me like Yunho. Lots of laughable moments. 🙂



Synopsis: Features Micky(DBSK) and Sung Min from Super Junior. Micky and Sung Min were best friends, however when they met a girl (oopss forgot her name again), they’re friendship grew apart.

THOUGHTS: Such a sad story, but it’s good to see Sung Min here. SUJU love.


Synopsis: Plot’s similar to the drama Devil Beside You. Yunho acts the bad boy type, while Micky the knight in shining armor.

THOUGHTS: I also love this, since it resembles the plot of DBY, interesting and full of “kilig” moments, both Micky and YunHo are irresistable.


Synopsis: More of a varety show. First segment features DBSK playing the Dolphin game (if that’s what you call it). Then next they were asked to recite sentences from the screen, and each time a member reads it wrong, they’ll start from scratch again (this is hilarious). Third part is about getting the girl of your dreams, there’s a guest(girl), and DBSK would act out scenes with her. Last part is the King’s Man Parody. DBSK needs to act out a scene from the movie King’s Men, and they should complete it with just 10 mistakes (A MUST SEE).

THOUGHTS: My second favorite. I was laughing so hard especially at the Last Part, when Jaejoong trips on the host, Chang Min bangs his head on the gong and his cute expressions, and YunHo always get the words wrong. You should see this. 😀


Synopsis: Someone’s hating DBSK. They’r recordings were deleted, costumes torned. Happened at the same time as the drama Finding Lost Time

Thoughts: Can’t think of any right now, but i guess this is worth the watch


Synopsis: It’s White Day, and YunHo’s out for a date. While he’s out, the remaining boys who are stuck at home, shared stories of their past girlfriends.

Thoughts: What a weird mini drama. Love Changmin’s story. haha


Synopsis: A Saeguk drama? Plot takes place on medieval Korea. Involves only Yunho and Micky.

Thoughts: It’s okay, though I can’t fully grasp the meaning behind the story. lol


Synopsis: A compilation of four mini series revolving around each member (exception is on Changmin and Junsu who costars on one of the episodes).

                    Seems like the boys are in sort of disagreement, therefore the manager (i think he’s the manager) decided to sent the boys on vacation (individually).

FIRST STORY: “Cassiopeia” – revolves around Yunho. It’s about a dying fan who has requested to see Yunho.

 yunho  yunho-1  yunho-2  yunho-3

        thoughts: forgive me to say, but i think this is my least favorite of the dramas in vacation, i don’t know why but they could have written a better script for this (don’t think that I was not touched by the story). Still it’s okay, Yunho’s funny. =p

SECOND STORY: “Beautiful Life” – story about Junsu and Changmin’s vacation. They’ve decided to go to the country side where no one would know of their identity (and where old people constitutes the population), and from there they would bring happiness to a grandma who is in search (not actually the term) of his grandson.

junmin  junmin-3  junmin-1  junmin-2

       thoughts: I think this is my favorite (minus the girl part, mwahaha) of all the episodes. Changmin + Junsu = happy me. I think I’m totally appreciating Xiah now.

THIRD STORY: “The Way You Are” – this time it’s Jaejoong. JJ was mistaken as a robber (there’s this guy who looks so much like him), and he has no choice but to act as that guy ‘coz no one believes that he is indeed JJ.

jae  jae-1  jae-2  jae-3

      thoughts: I also like this drama, interesting to watch, got nothing more to say, but if you want to see JJ dressed as a girl you should watch this. ^^

FOURTH STORY: “Eternity” – our ever romantic Yoochun. YC decided to go back to his hometown, and as he arrived, he learned that he has “re-lived” his childhood days.

micky  micky-2  micky-1  micky-3

     thoughts: a nice drama. Touching, no wonder it should be Micky.