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OMG. I’m so unpredictable. Just a few minutes ago, I’ve blogged on how I’m not yet a fan of Big Bang, and now I’m seriously considering to dwell deeper on them.

Blame this video. I know my reaction’s over late ‘coz this was released months ago, anyway this is an MV which features T.O.P of Big Bang and Sandara Park.

I am literally speechless. I NEED TO KNOW BIG BANG BETTER. If before Seung Ri’s the one I like most, but after watching this video, omg, T.O.P’s so hooooooootttt. Sandara’s so lucky, and actually I’m proud of her, because of her, I can feel that I’ve gotten an inch closer to the Korean Music scene and Big Bang of course (though I’m not yet their fan).

BTW the song’s entitled I’m sorry by Gummy. And I’m feeling something’s changing, will T.O.P be my fav. member of BB?

More on T.O.P. I like his hair in this MV, plus he looks cool riding that motorcycle. I think I would find it hard to sleep again. Lastly the end part where in he’s face’s half covered with scarf’s gorgeous.