One of the best animes ever. ūüėÄ


How does it feel to love the smartest and coolest guy at school (or probably the whole of Japan)? More so, how would it feel if you’ve loved him for years but your existence to him is unknown.

Itazura na Kiss is about the story of Aihara Kotoko and Irie Naoki. The story starts when Kotoko decided to confess and write a love letter to Naoki but was openly rejected in front of everybody. Naoki’s the smartest guy in school and Kotoko belongs to the lowest class(Class F).

However, things began to change when Kotoko’s house was destroyed by an earthquake and he and her father moved to a friend’s house which was later revealed to be Naoki’s house.

The story does not stop on the soon to be “relationship” between the two, but it follows their life as a married couple and new obstacles that come their way.


I super love this anime. I’ve first known its story through the series It Started with a Kiss and after watching that I’ve fallen inlove with the story.

When I’ve first watched Itazura na Kiss, I was not expecting much since I’m so familiar to the story (watched ISWAK many times). I remember the first time I’ve seen Naoki in his anime form, I don’t find him hot and good looking. Back to my review, again I was wrong because although the anime and the series were the same in a sense, the two differs (uhm, I hope you understand what I mean).

I was not bored at the anime, in fact I was surprised. I have found myself laughing at every episode. Itazura na Kiss brings out a combination of different feelings, you’ll find yourself laughing, crying, in love, agitated and the sort.

One of the best thing about this anime is its plot and the way that it was presented. You seldom see an anime that continues after the couple’s married life, ‘coz I think that if it was to be done it will be boring but Itazura na Kiss proved me wrong. The second part (which is their married life) is as exciting as their high school life, there were a lot of conflicts that urges you to continue watching and¬†to anticipate the¬†next episode.

Another good point of this anime is¬†the nature of the leads. I love the characters. It’s just perfect for me the part where in a¬†simple and (dumb) girl has captured the heart of the smartest guy in school, though it¬†wasn’t easy for Kotoko to¬†make Naoki fall in love with her (Naoki’s heart is made of stone, lol) but that’s what makes it interesting. I’m sure a lot of people are experiencing unrequited love (aw!).

Itazura na Kiss has touched me, especially towards the last few episodes, it’s prolly because I’ve seen the characters¬†grow and mature (especially Naoki), it takes the anime to a whole new level, not to mention the ending song (Jikan Yo¬†Tomare) which I absolutely love.

Though the manga’s unfinished (due to the mangaka’s untimely death), the anime’s ending was the best.¬†After watching it you’ll say¬†that “I couldn’t ask for more”. I so love the ending where in Kotoko, Kotomi and Naoki were happily holding hands. A perfect family picture, really could anything be more splendid?

THIS IS A MUST WATCH. This is the kind of anime that I could see myself watching again in the future.