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arghh. my eyes are hurting from reading all the comments @ popseoul. Mainly it’s about the issue concerning DBSK and Big Bang.

hmm. I wouldn’t add up to the heated discussions over there.

But I would like to talk about them, and you I like to talk/write a lot.

First I am a DBSK fan. I’ve tried listening to Big Bang’s songs and they’re okay, I like Haru Haru best, but as for now, I can’t classify myself as a fan, ‘coz maybe I’m not so much into their genre. But looking back, all the bands that have become my favorite started from disinterest, ahahaha, the after shock of liking them comes months after. lol


My heart’s aching everytime I see someone bashing DBSK. Stuff like they’re overrated, just pretty faces, is famous because of their fans.

I’m a new fan, and I maybe guilty of being labeled as liking DBSK partly ‘coz of their looks but hey, for everyone’s information, the first time I’ve seen the Dong Bang boys, I don’t find them hot. haha. I was attracted because of their music, specifically “Choosey Lover”. My fandom came months after that encounter, I only started to notice that they do look good after appreciating their songs.

I would like to add some more but I’m feeling sleepy reading all those comments @ popseoul, my head’s in a blur.


10:17 pm. I am inlove with T.O.P, and I think I’m starting to like Big Bang too. OHHHH. T.O.P. ❤ This is what you call after shock. OHHH, any big bang fans out there? can you recommend anything with BB in it?