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I’ve just discovered that Jae Joong has a tattoo! And because of that, I’ve also learned that Micky has tattoos.

Jae Joong’s tattoo.

Micky’s tattoos

There yah go. I don’t like tattoos, especially the permanent ones, so I’m shocked to find out that jae and micky have them. But because I’m now a super fan of them, I guess it’s okay. They’re man after all. But still, Hero’s skin is so smooth and perfect I wished it had remained that way. The good thing is, their tattoo’s related to Dong Bang, isn’t their love for the group admirable? ❤

Also G Dragon of Big Bang has tattoos. Okay I’m just new on this Big Bang world, so please forgive me. xp


that ends my rant. lol. credits to those people in crunchyroll who have UL-ed/shared this.