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Sign of being totally obsessed/addicted (I’m not joking): I can’t sleep.

I’ve had a lot of favorites/addiction but one thing that separates each of them from what I like best is the fact that after knowing/watching him/them/it, I can’t sleep. As in my head is filled with excitement and this unexplainable feeling that even though my body already wants to rest, I just can’t sleep. And I just want to imagine things like he and me would fall in love, etc.

And it happened just a while ago. As I’m writing this it’s already 7 am.

DAMN. I slept at I think 1Β am, and I woke up at around 3:30 am. Before I sleep, JaeJoong’s the last person that I’m thinking about, and when I woke up, he’s still the person that I’m thinking about. Blame it on DBSK’s Mirotic MV preview. I was completely taken by surprise, if nosebleeding when you’re super fascinated is true, our house would surely be bathed by my blood. OMG. I can’t get over it. Somebody please knock me on the head.

When I’ve first known of DBSK’s existence, I promised myself not to fall for JaeJoong, ‘coz most of DBSK’s fans are his fans. And as a general rule I want to be different, so I’ve focused my attention on Changmin. Then till yesterday, I’ve made myself believe that I love JaeJoong, Changmin and Micky equally, that I can’t choose between them. And because of that Mirotic MV, the song Begin (where in Hero’s voice is so lovely), Dangerous Love and this pic (see right side). OMG, I now know that I love JaeJoong. Sorry, I’ll give in to my pride. I love him best.

He’s face has been on my mind, his voice singing “Everyday and night with you, …..” has been constantly playing on my head.

Maybe as time goes by, I’ll love other members of DBSK more than him, but as of now, my feelings won’t change. I’m lacking sleep, yet I’m so hyperactive. πŸ˜€

I need to research more about them, my knowledge is so limited.


[E.N – 9/28/08]

Ohhh, I’m being unfaithful, I’ve realized that I love YunHo too. So now, it’s JaeJoong and Yunho. πŸ™‚ HAHA. Pretty funny how I’ve come to like him, I’ve let my friend watch DBSK’s mini drama, and she found out that she likes YunHo best, and I’ve known then and there that I can’t give Yunho to her, and so I now like YunHo.