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I’ve been watching some vids of SuJu when I came over a clip of eunhyuk and lee teuk. Eun Hyuk was singing “Qing Fei De Yi” Korean version, and by the look of it, will it be the one used for HYD Korea (so does that mean that they would pattern it to Meteor Garden and not Hanadan)?

And that has made me search the latest news w/ regards to HYD K. And it it really final that Kim Hyun Joong (is the spelling correct, I’m not familiar to him) will play the part of Rui or maybe Tsukasa?

Putting that aside, I’m making my own list of HYD casts. ahahahahha. A girl can dream right? No violent reactions since this is my choice. LOL.

1. I HOPE THE F4 MEMBERS WOULD BE FROM DBSK OR SUJU. I mean, whoa that would cause an uproar all around Asia.

For the F4 members:

TsukasaJaeJoong – wahahahaha. Since I love him to death, I hope I could see him act as Tsukasa, he as Makino would be totally fine as well. ROFL. With his looks now, I think he could pull it off, just put an effort on being Domyouji like. (I know casting him for the role would be so impossible since DBSK is so so so so busy). *after watching DBSK mini dramas, I think Yunho’s also perfect for the role.

RuiKI BUM!!!! GYAABOOOOO! MAJOR FAN GIRL ALERT. Ki Bum perfectly fits into Rui’s role, the mysterious, silent type, plus the looks, what more could you ask for?

Makino – Most people want Eun Hye for the role, but my pick would have to be Jun Ji Hyun. 😀

Qing He LEE TEUK! the guy’s so funny. wahahahha.

as for the rest, it could be Hee Chul, Changmin, Si Won, Yunho (since he’s uber hot now).