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SuJu Love. SuJu Fighting!

I think for you to appreciate this movie, you should be a fan or at least you should be familiar (and sort of like) Super Junior. Why? ‘Coz they’re the leads. ahaha


After the unusual attack on a school flower boy (heartthrob / pretty boys) on February 14, the same attacks began to happen at different high schools on every month of the same day. Rumors say that the next victims will be at Neulparan High School. The studious student Kibum (stars Kim Kibum) decides to investigate the matter, blogging all of the terror events on the 14th of each month, causing the event to become a hot topic within the student body. After several attacks, Kibum predicts that the next victims will be Siwon (Choi Siwon), president of the student body; Heechul (Kim Heechul), president of the dance club; and Kangin (Kim Youngwoon), the captain of the Judo Team. (credits to wikipedia)


Oh Well, I’ll start with the not so good points of the film. Amusing as it may seem, there are still parts which lacked action which led to boredom. Actually that’s the only flaw that I can see on this movie (or maybe I’m a bit bias).

Off to the things that I like. What more would top my list than the fact that Super Junior have a movie of their own and the best thing is that Ki Bum is sort of the lead? I think this movie’s target audience were SuJu fans since the storyline is sort of comedic/crazy (not in the negative way).

A pretty unusual plot, dealing with high school angst and popularity narrated through Kibummie. HAHAHA. This movie could/would make you laugh ‘coz the scenes were a bit delusional and overly exaggerated, but that’s what makes it fun to watch. As for the characters, I like Hee Chul best. Really, I’m starting to appreciate him (will he be my most favorite SuJu member, or would it be Lee Teuk?). Love his narcissist role in this movie, he’s just COOL.

The story’s like a detective one/death note inspired (the thing is there is no death, instead poop splashing around people’s face). Honestly, it’s pretty easy to guess who’s behind it, but I got confused by the end because of Dong Hae (ahh i wouldn’t give spoilers). Aside from Hee Chul, I also love Mr. Panda! hahaha. so funny panda. But I’m somewhat sad ‘coz Lee Teuk only appeared on the Wonder Boy MV (the movie was shot when the accident happened, i think).

Overall, the movie’s okay – for normal people. I think SuJu fan girls would appreciate this more.